UV BLACKLIGHT Fluorescent Tubes UltraViolet

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These are the near-Ultra-Violet Fluorescent Lamps, which create a kind of a special surreal ambience
and make many objects glow with bright fluorescent colors…

These are commonly used in the clubs, galleries, shopping malls, parties and festivals etc…

These lamps are safe for the eyes and emit light in the range of 315 to 435 nanometres (Near UV).

Available in 2 common sizes: 120cm (36W) & 60cm (18W) to fit common fluorescent lamp fixtures.

120cm (48″) UV Tubes (or Batons)

– or 60cm (24″) UV Tubes .

Lamp Fixtures are also available if necessary for both sizes, Electronic Ballast, Compact /Low profile, Instant Start…

Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures
Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures

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Tube Size /wattage

2" 60cm 18W, 4" 120cm 36W