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Titanium is an ideal material for various electrolysis cell applications,
especially great for building the Brown’s Gas / HHO / “Water-Fuel” Electrolysis Cells.
Recent research suggests that by using the Titanium Electrodes instead of Stainless steel electrodes in a HHO cell the resulting Brown’s gas can have up to 2 – 2.5 times more combustion power while using the same amount of power to produce the gas. (please research the Orthomolecular bonds)
this is an exciting research frontier that is pursued by some avant-garde inventors /scientists today.
Titanium Electrodes also offer very minimal electro-chemical erosion as compared to stainless steel plates , and will outlast stainless steel many times over !

DIY Water Ionizer:   Titanium Electrodes are also ideal  for building your own simple Alkaline/Acidic Water Ionizer – to produce your own Alkaline water.
the commercial Water Ionizers sell for over 1000$.
All you need to build your own water ionizer is: the Titanium Electrodes ; a Water container divided by a semi-permeable membrane and  a 6-7v DC power supply.

This is the original simple water Ionizer design that most of the original health research was done with. In fact the common sense suggests that this original design is the only way to separate Alkaline and Acid water properly because this method gives plenty of time for the minerals to separate. Most commercial units in comparison, separate the water while it’s flowing thus not giving enough time for the minerals to migrate to the appropriate side of the electrolysis chamber.

Titanium is a very light-weight and mechanically strong metal

The thinner (0.1 to 0.6mm) plates are relatively easy to cut drill and saw as they are sufficiently thin to make for ease of processing.
The thinner sheets (0.1 to 0.6mm) are Grade#2 Pure Titanium that is slightly more mechanically tough that Grade#1 due to it’s mechanical and thermal processing methods.
The Thicker plates (1mm and 2mm) are Grade#1 Pure Titanium and are un-toughened for ease of processing.If you might require a specific size or bigger titanium sheets – please leave us a request.
we stock Titanium sheet in following thicknesses :
0.1mm       comes off a 200mm Wide Roll
0.5mm       precut to 100x200mm   and 200x300mm sheets.  Can be cut to size on request.
0.6mm       cut to size on request
1mm          precut to 100x250mm   and 250x330mm sheets.  Can be cut to size on request.
2mm          precut to 70x250mm   and 105x150mm sheets.  Can be cut to size on request.

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0.1mm 200x87mm, 0.1mm 200x150mm, 0.5mm 200x100mm, 0.5mm 200x300mm, 1mm 250x100mm, 1mm 250x330mm, 2mm 250x70mm, 2mm 105x150mm