SubWoofer 150w Power Amplifier assembly

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Sub-Woofer HiFi / PA, Audio Power Amplifier PCB module Assembly.
Direct-coupled, High-Fidelity, High-Power Amplifier Board.
150w RMS output
Output impedance : 4 – 8 Ω
Output Stage: 2x150w Bipolar Transistors :  2SC5200 + 2SA1943

This pre-assembled high-performance Power Amplifier board requires only a couple of external parts to make a complete Power Amplifier.
1- Suitable size Power Transformer with a Center-Tapped output winding that can supply 2x26v AC – Which is a fairly typical kind of power transformer that is used in most common power amplifiers. Transformers from 2x20v AC to 2x28v AC can be also used alternatively.
To get the full power capacity out of this amplifier module, 200-250w power transformer would be ideal (about 4A output current at 26+26v)..  Smaller transformer will also work fine for smaller output power.
2- if you are purist you might want to add the Extra Power-bank Capacitors which can be connected in parallel to the existing on-board capacitors – to further reduce the 50Hz ripple..

This Amplifier board includes built-in speaker protection relay circuit.
Also included in the set is a Preamplifier Board with VOLUME  and LOW-PASS-Filter Controls, plus RCA Line Input Sockets.

Dimensions including Heat-sink :  132mmL x 84mmW x 60mmH
Weight : 330g



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Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 10 cm