MOSFET Power Transistors

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General Purpose MOSFET Power Transistors :

These parts are sold individually or in Value-Packs, eg: 3 for $5  or  4 for $3 etc.. -offering exceptional “bang for a buck”
if large quantity is required – you can select multiple number of Value-Packs of the Specific transistor – to get an even more attractive bulk price

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All- TO-220 Style
All- [GDS] Pinout
Polarity & Max Dissipating
Power. W
Max. Voltage:
& Gain-Source
Max.Drain Current
& Max. Operating Temperature.
Rds(on) Max.
ON-state D-S Resistance
  .  price
MTP12N10E N-Ch    79w 100v /±20V 12A    175°C 0.16Ω 1.2$ or 5 for 4$     
IRF520 N-Ch 60w 100v /±20v 10A    175°C 0.11-0.27Ω 1.2$ or 4 for 3$     
IRF640 N-Ch 125w 200v /±20v 18A    150°C 0.18Ω 1.5$ or 5 for 6$     
IRF740 N-ch 125w 400v /±20v 10A    150°C 0.55Ω 1.8$ or 4 for 5$     
IRFZ44N (ESD2kv) N-Ch  110W 55v /±10v 49A     150°C 0.022Ω 1.5$ or 5 for 6$     
BUZ91    (hi-v) N-Ch 150w 600v /±20v 8.5A   150°C 0.8Ω 2$ or 4 for 6$    
IRF5210  (compl.) P-Ch 200w -100v /±20V 40A    175°C 0.06Ω 2.2$ or 4 for 6$    
IRF3710  (compl.) N-Ch 200w 100v /±20V 57A    175°C 0.023Ω 2$ or 4 for 6$    
IRF9540  P-Ch 150w -100v /±10V 19A    175°C 0.2Ω 2.5$ or 3 for 6$    

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 0.5 cm
Device #

MTP12N10E, MTP12N10E x5pcs, IRF520, IRF520 x4pcs, IRF640, IRF640 x5pcs, IRF740, IRF740 x4pcs, IRFZ44N (ESD2kv), IRFZ44N x5pcs, BUZ91 (hi-v), BUZ91 x4pcs, IRF5210 (compl.), IRF5210 x4pcs, IRF3710 (compl.), IRF3710 x4pcs, IRF9540, IRF9540 x3pcs