Logic Level Mosfets

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Logic Level Mosfets – ideal for driving high loads directly from 3-5v (logic level) outputs of MCUs and digital interfaces, eg: Arduino, Robotics and various Low-Voltage Circuits

These parts are sold individually or in Value-Packs, eg: 3 for $5  or  4 for $3 etc.. -offering exceptional “bang for a buck”
if large quantity is required – you can select multiple number of Value-Packs of the Specific transistor – to get an even more attractive bulk price

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Logic Level
Mosfets :
– Device #
Case style
. &   Pin-Out
Polarity & Max Dissipating Power. W Max. Voltage: Source-Drain
& Gain-Source
Max.Drain Current
& Max. Operating Temperature.
Rds(on) Max.
ON-state D-S

IRL540  TO-220    GDS Nch 150w 100v /±10v 28A   175°C 0.077Ω@5v
2$ or 3 for 5$    
BUZ11      TO-220    GDS Nch 120w 50v /±20v 36A    175°C 0.03Ω@3v 2$ or 4 for 6$    
(ST) P40NF10L TO-220    GDS Nch 150w 100v/±17v 40A    175°C 0.03Ω@5v 2.5$ or 3 for 6$    
(FQP) 30N06L  TO-220    GDS N-Ch  79w 60v  /±20v 32A   175°C 0.035Ω@5v 2$ or 4 for 6$    
SUD50N06-09L   TO-252    GDS Nch 136w 60v /±20v 50A    175°C 0.012Ω@4.5v
2.2$ or 3 for 5$    
SUD30N04-10 TO-252    GDS N-ch 97w 40v /±20v 30A   175°C 0.014Ω@4.5v
1.5$ or 10 for 8$     
Si2301 SOT-23   GDS P-ch  1.25w -20v /±8v 2.8A   150°C 0.15Ω@-2.5v
0.5$ or 10 for 3$     
NTD2955 SOT-223   GDS P-ch  3w -60v /±20v 2.5A   150°C 0.5Ω@4.5v
0.7$ or 6 for 3$     
D17NF03L DPAK      GDS N-Ch   30w 30v /±16v 17A    175°C 0.06Ω@5v
1$ or 4 for 3$     
PHD45N03 DPAK      GDS N-ch   65w 25v /±15v 40A    175°C 0.04Ω@3.5v
1.2$ or 5 for 4$     


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IRL540, IRL540 x3pcs, BUZ11, BUZ11 x4pcs, (ST) P40NF10L, (ST) P40NF10L x3pcs, (FQP) 30N06L, (FQP) 30N06L x4pcs, SUD50N06-09L, SUD50N06-09L x3pcs, SUD30N04-10, SUD30N04-10 x10pcs, Si2301, Si2301 x10pcs, NTD2955, NTD2955 x6pcs, D17NF03L, D17NF03L x4pcs, PHD45N03, PHD45N03 x5pcs