Lithium-Polymer 3.7v Battery Cells Range

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High Capacity, Light-weight and compact 3.7-Volt  Lithium-Polymer Cells
-With built in protection circuit which protects the battery from : Overcharging , Short Circuit , OverDischarging, Wrong Polarity…
Available sizes, currently in stock :

Size,  mm Capacity Weight   price
10x30x4.2mm 110mAh 3.7v    2.5g 3.00
12x30x5mm 140mAh 3.7v    3g 3.00 No PCB
14x47x2.8mm 150mAh 3.7v    3.2g 3.90
20x30x3.9mm 190mAh 3.7v    4.1g 3.90
20x30x4.5mm 210mAh 3.7v    4.8g 3.90
30x31x3mm 210mAh 3.7v    5.1g 4.50
24x39x5mm 480mAh 3.7v    9.3g 4.50
21x54x6mm 520mAh 3.7v 11g $7.50
22x48x4.5mm 540mAh 3.7v 9.9g 6.00
32x42x5.1mm 660mAh 3.7v    14g $7.20
23x45x6.7mm 800mAh 3.7v   13g $8.20
33x50x4.2mm 1100mAh 3.7v    16g $9.50
120x79x3mm 3,500mAh 3.7v   75 g $13.50
62x112x6.4mm 4,500mAh 3.7v 94g 15.00 No PCB
112x130x8.2mm 12,000mAh 3.7v 257g 30.00 No PCB

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10x30x4.2-110ma, 12x30x5-140ma, 14x47x2.8-150ma, 20x30x3.9-190ma, 20x30x4.5-210ma, 30x31x3-210ma, 24x39x5-480ma, 21x54x6-520ma, 22x48x4.5-540ma, 32x42x5.1-660ma, 23x45x6.7-800ma, 33x50x4.2-1.1A, 120x79x3-3.5A, 62x112x6.4-4.5A, 112x130x8.2-12A