Joule-Thief StepUp DC-Converter 5v-USB

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An Essential tool for Renewable Energy , “Free-Energy” and Fringe-Science Experiments !
This circuit can convert the non-useful Sub-Volt electrical potentials into practically usable DC electrical Power.

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This little Joule-Thief DC Up-Converter Circuit can work from extremely low input voltages and produce a usable electrical potential of 2 to 5 volt output.
This circuit starts working from as little as 0.15v-0.2v of input voltage and will produce about 2 – 2.5v output and rather small currents (5-10mA) which is enough to light up various types of LEDs as an example.
0.4-0.5v input will produce about 4-4.5v output at a somewhat low currents (20-50mA)
0.9v and above input will produce a stable 5v output with a maximum current of up to 500mA
The on-board indicator LED will glow at input voltages above 1.8v

On-board High-Efficiency Switching DC/DC boost controller chip has over-voltage and over-load protection features

Module Dimensions: 34 x16 x9 mm
Weight : 4g

There are very many sources of less than 1v – low voltages which can not usually be utilized for any practical purposes ,but now we have a simple way to amplify those low voltages to the level of a practically useful electrical energy.
. . For example each plant has a bio-electrical potential of approximately 0.5volt between ground and a stem of the plant.
A Joule-Thief Converter can help us transform that 0.5v into about 4.5v which can be used to light up LED lights or charge battery cells. Provided that the plant can supply enough electrical current to make the whole process practically feasible.
Perhaps you can experiment and find a plant or a tree that generates enough current to charge your phone from the converter’s USB Plug.

There are potentially hundreds more examples of ultra-low-voltage energy sources both in the nature and in man-made realms.
You might even easily find half a volt of electrical potential between two metal rods stuck into the ground a few meters apart..
Finding the most practically feasible low-voltage energy sources can be a very thrilling and gratifying journey of discovery.

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