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Compact High-Voltage Generator Modules

These fantastic little modules can generate high-voltage from as little as 1.2 – 1.5v DC input.

And at a few volts supply power they can continuously produce small lightning strikes up to several centimetres across.
These can be an enormous fun to experiment with – BUT BE WARNED ! High voltages can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Extreme caution must be exercised when working with high voltages.

We stock a variety of these units eg: 40kv ; 100kv ; 200kv ; 300kv ; 400kv ; 500kv ; 1000kv

These modules can be used for:  Ozone-Generators, Negative-Ion Generators, Electrostatic Air Filters, Ignition for Gas stoves  etc…

Also many fascinating fringe-science, avant-garde and free-energy projects utilize high voltage sources.

Eg: Ion Wind Lifters (flying platforms);

Kirlian Photography (Bio-Field photography research);

Gravity-Flux-Capacitor (Townsend-Brown’s Electro-Gravity research)

Making the Electrets (Self-Recharging Capacitors) ;

Electrostatic Motors (eg: built from plastic bottles) …

and much more…

These units produce High Voltage Pulsing DC current..

we supply a variety of High-Voltage components such as Diodes and Capacitors, suitable also for building High-Voltage Multiplier circuits.

Below are more details on all the various models available :

Output kv       Dimensions                   Weight     DC Input supply voltage range 

40kv  :     42x16x24mm (rectangular),     28gram   (works from 1.2v to 6v)

100kv:     26mmDiameter x45mmLong,   33gram   (works from 1.2v to 6v)

200kv:     23x28x47mm, (rectangular),    36gram   (works from 1.2v to 6v)

300kv:     25mmDiam. x 54mmLong,       55gram      ( 3 to 6v )

400kv:     25mmDiam x 66mmLong         66gram      (2.5 to 6v )

500kv:     27mmDiam x 88mmLong,        88gram      (2.3 to 6v )

1000kv:   33mmDiam x 68mmLong,       118gram     (3.3 to 12v)

1500kv:   25x35x70mm (rectangular),    120gram     (4.5 to 12 v)


V-A Operating Parameters :

Module:                       Current vs Voltage:                              max Watt:    Out.Current

40kv  :     0.4A@1v  ,  1.3A@2v .   2.4A@3.7v2.8A@4.5v ..    21W  –       0.5mA

100kv:     0.43A@1v , 1.2A@2v2.2A@3.7v2.5A@4.5v ..     21W  –       0.2mA

200kv:     0.3A@1v  ,  1.2A@2v2.1A@3.7v2.4A@4.5v ..     21W  –       0.1mA

300kv:                       1.2A@2.7v  ,  2.4A@3.7v ..                      24W  –       0.08mA

400kv:                      0.45A@2.4v  ,  1.4A@3.7v ..                     18W  –       0.045mA

500kv:      1A@2v ,   2.7A@3.7v ,   3.3A@4.5v ..                        27W  –       0.054mA

1000kv:   0.8A@3v1.15A@6v1.4A@9v1.6A@12v ..         21W  –       0.02mA

1500kv:                       0.45A@5v ,  1A@9v ,  1.2A@12v ..          15W  –        0.01mA


Please note:  We test-run many of our products before shipment (in particular these modules) to insure a hassle-free transaction and customer satisfaction.

Because of the nature of high-voltage discharge.. each of these modules has a maximum discharge gap which will depend on the shape and size of the electrodes, air temperature, humidity and other things that affect air conductivity..

If you exceed the maximum distance between electrodes – the discharge may find the path inside the module.. if you allow this to happen repeatedly – the discharge will create a preferred path inside the module which will reduce the performance of the module.. Please do not expect us to send you a free replacement module if this happens.

Yet such damaged modules can be relatively easily repaired. To open the module one would have to gradually heat it up to about 80-90 Degrees C to melt the insulating wax inside. Once you have access to the High-voltage side of the assembly you can restore the insulation and re-mold the wax.

In either case it is better to operate at a more conservative discharge gap.

If your application requires a high voltage potential without a spark discharge – then you should operate the module at the lower range of the input power (1.2-2.4v approx.) and a gap distance that is too long for the discharge to occur.

note:  a FLATPACK discount coupon can be applied if you are buying the 40KV modules since they are under 20mm thick and can be shipped in a flat pack – this will reduce the shipping cost (only applicable to 40Kv modules)

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40kv, 100kv, 200kv, 300kv, 400kv, 500kv, 1000kv, 1500kv