Fluorescent Tube Fixtures Instant-Start


Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Light Fixtures (Instant Start)
Suitable for use with our UV Tubes as well as other common fluorescent tubes…
These electronically controlled fittings offer a further 7-10 % energy saving as compared with the old type “coil and starter” fittings. Also they are much more compact and lightweight and provide a reliable instant start without any blinking… There is also no need to replace the starters as with the old types of fixtures.
These fittings measure 45mm wide by 60mm high.
130cm long fixture to fit 120cm 36-40 watt tube – $12.90 each , 5pcs or more – $10 each
70cm long fixture – to fit 60cm 18-20 watt tube – $10.50 each , 5pcs or more – $8 each