Copper Winding Wire 100g(min)

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Enameled Copper Winding Wire (magnet wire) 100g Air Coil
available wire diameters in mm with a corresponding AWG Gauge:

0.5mm/AWG#24       |       0.6mm/AWG#22-23       |
0.7mm /AWG#21      |       0.8mm /AWG#20            |
1mm /AWG#18         |       1.2mm /AWG#16-17       |

AWG Gauge / mm / mm2 Conversion Tables : click here.

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Copper Winding Wire (magnet wire) 100g Air Coil

These air coils contain a minimum of a 100g or enameled copper winding wire – used for winding various magnetic coils, chokes and transformers.
These Air-core coils are held in shape by cable ties which can be easily removed.
The coil has not been set with any resin compound and the wire will unwind with a minimal effort when required.
Should one wish to use the whole coil as it is – it comes with both ends tinned and ready to solder.

Coil Dimensions (approximate):  Outside Diameter – 39mm  ;   Height – 17mm (19mm with cable ties)
Inside Diameter – 17.7mm (15mm including cable ties)


Available wire diameters in mm with
a corresponding 
AWG Gauge:      Wire Length per 100g:     Induction:     DC Impedance:

      0.5mm/AWG#24                         ~ 56metres                    7.5mH               4.8 Ohm

      0.6mm/AWG#22-23                   ~ 39metres                    3.7mH                2.3 Ohm

      0.7mm /AWG#21                        ~ 28meters                    2 mH                 1.2 Ohm

      0.8mm /AWG#20                        ~ 24meters                    1.2mH               0.8 Ohm

      1mm /AWG#18                           ~ 14meters                    0.43mH             0.3 Ohm

      1.2mm /AWG#16-17                   ~ 10meters                    0.18mH             0.2 Ohm

      1.4mm/AWG#15                         ~ 7metres                      0.09mH             0.1 Ohm

Induction was measured as-is with an air-core.
Induction will off course be much greater with magnetic core inserted.

for more data and comparison tables – see


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