42xLEDs/ 50cm Rigid (narrow) Strip 12v, 6-10W

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Super-Bright 50cm long rigid Fiberglass-backed LED Strips that are narrow shape and easy to mount in tight spaces and especially display cabinets and caravans /mobile homes
42x LEDs  / 0.5m long …
These 12v strips use the High-Efficiency LED Chips that are originally designed for LED Display Screens and produce very high light output while generating a relatively low amount of heat !

Available in Cool-White (~6000k) Color temperature.
A very wide-spread flood-light with 160-170 degrees beam angle.

They are 4mm wide and about 2.4mm thick.  The weight of whole strip is 8.1gram
These Strips can be cut every 36 mm if required (3 LEDs per section)
Every new cut section will end up with the soldering pads (& holes) for connection…

These LED strips can be made completely water-proof by placing them inside a Clear, Heat-Shrinking polyolefin tubing and sealing both ends with silicon – as shown in the top part of the photo.

Electrical Parameters vs temperature (& longevity):
0.5A   @   12v   = 6W  – runs cool/warm
0.63A @ 13v = 8.19W – runs warm
0.75A @  13.8v  = 10.35W  – Warm/Hot – can easily handle the 13.8v (Car-Engine-ON) battery charging voltage – which makes it ideal for automotive use and in mobile homes etc… without the need in any regulating circuitry.
Running these LED strips at above 15v will reduce their longevity unless special cooling methods are employed and therefore is not advised..

BreadBoard Jumper Wires
BreadBoard Jumper Wires

For a quick solderless hook-up connection option in classrooms and prototyping –
these strips have metalised holes which can accept these
male breadboard connecting cables.
Every section of 3 LEDs has connecting terminals (holes) on both ends.
The square male plugs sit quite tight and snug in these holes.

This LED light is an outstanding quality product that we make available at an amazingly low price – not to be repeated – possibly the best value for money on the market today !


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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 54 x 0.5 x 1 cm
Bare Strip or Package Type :

Bare LED Strip Assembly, LED strip sealed in HeatShrink and with connecting wires attached