42xLed (small) 25cm Rigid LED Strip 9v, 2.2-5.4W

$ 3.30

Very bright and thin 25cm strips designed for LED Display Screens. Small size;  High light output..
These can be used for general lighting.
They are also ideal for Edge-Lit Glass or

Plexi-Glass panels as thin as 1.4mm

Plexi-Glass Sign Display Lit-up from the Edge with LED Strips-Example.
Plexi-Glass Sign Display Lit-up from the Edge with LED Strips-Example.

– as used for LED-Edge-Lit advertising displays (see example here)

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Super-Bright 25cm-Long Rigid fiberglass-backed LED Strips that are narrow shape and easy to mount in tight spaces eg: display cabinets and caravans /mobile homes, etc…
42x LEDs per strip / 0.25m long …
these 9v strips are originally designed for LED Display Screens and produce very High Light output while generating a relatively low amount of heat !

Available in Cool-White (~6000k) Color temperature.

A very wide-spread flood-light with 160-170 degrees beam angle.

These Strips have 1.4mm wide LEDs packed very close to each other.
They are arranged in groups of 3xLeds in series . there are a total of 14 such groups connected in parallel.
If required – the strip can be cut every 18mm (3xLeds)

There are no current-limiting /ballast resistors present on these strips but the LED chips appear to be quite resilient to some degree of supply voltage fluctuations. External Resistor of 8-10 Ohm would allow safe operation from 12v-13.8v, providing more leeway for supply voltage fluctuations.

Electrical Parameters vs temperature (& longevity):
– bare strip without a resistor :
0.1A   @  8.5v  = 0.85W  – runs cool
0.25A @   9v  = 2.25W – runs cool-warm
0.37A @  9.5v  = 3.51W  – runs Warm
0.54A @  10v  =  5.4W  – runs Warm-Hot : extra heat dissipation recommended.

Long life of all LED assemblies is ensured when LEDs are not allowed to overheat during operation.

Dimensions : 255mm Long  x 4.2mm Wide  x 1.95mm High
Attached connecting wires – 20cm long.
Weight : 3.3 gram

This strip will run from Automotive voltage between 12 and 13.8v by simply connecting it in series with an 8-Ohm resistor … without the need in any regulating circuitry. (the resistor should be about 1 – 2 Watt type)

Alternatively our miniature switch-mode current driver module can be used to provide current-limiting protection and the ability to operate from any voltage in the range from 12 and up to 30v supply.

9v-42xLED-strip with Current Driver
9v-42xLED-strip with Current Driver

The Current Driver module also contains a rectifier which makes it able to accept non-polar DC or AC supply… see picture below :

The Current regulator module suitable for this is 280mA or  330mA (type B )
the 280mA will run the strip just warm,  while the 330mA will run it a bit hotter and off course also brighter..
Voltage supply below 11.5v and down to about 7v – will produce dimming effect where the brightness of the LEDs can be varied according to the supply voltage.
Voltage supply above 11.5 and up to 30v will produce the stable operation at 100% of the brightness.
Another dimming method and Soft-Start is possible with the on-board PWM-control feature (optional) – please see the full description for our mini switch-mode current driver modules

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 27 x 0.5 x 1 cm

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