144xLED 30x5cm Panel 18-40 Watt(max.)

$ 8.70

Super-Bright,very powerful LED panel with 144 LEDs (2835),
300x48x2.5mm ;  42gr
18 -40 Watt (max.)

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Super-Bright,very powerful LED panel with 144 LEDs (2835),  Cool-White
300x48x2.5mm .   Aluminum Substrate provides good heat dissipation from LEDs which allows these LEDs to be operated at their full recommended current and therefore high brightness and high light output.
A very wide-spread flood-light with 160-170 degrees beam angle.
With a good heat sink this panel can put out up to 40 watts of LED Power.
Running on it’s own without heat-sink it is good for up to 18 watt.

Electrical Parameters vs temperature (& longevity):
0.2A   @  24v  = 4.8W  – runs cool / luke-warm.
0.45A @  25v  = 11.2W – runs warm
0.7A  @  26v  = 18.2W – warm / hot .. heat sink may be beneficial.
1A   @  27v   = 27W   – Hot !. Cooling required / mount onto a heat-sink.
1.45A @ 27.9v = 40W – Very Hot !  Good Heat-sink required, possibly with active cooling (fan)- this mode is not recommended unless you are really keen to get the maximum possible amount of light out of this panel. Also in this case the Constant-Current driver circuit will be absolutely necessary.

Note: LEDs don’t like excess heat. Running the LEDs at higher current and higher temperature can mean “Shorter life span” unless special precautions are in place..  Generally – running LEDs just warm (but not hot) is a much safer approach and will yield a very long working life (many years to come)

We also supply a suitable (and amazingly well priced) 28v Power supply for these panels. The PSU is Adjustable between 20v-and-30v.  This PSU can run up to 3 – 10 of these LED disks in total.

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