1/2W Zener Diodes 4.7v 100pk

$ 4.50

0.5 Watt  4.7v  Zener Diodes – Bargain Pack of 100pcs :

ZENER DIODES PRIMER – How to use Zeners

21% discount for 3 or more packs


0.5 Watt  4.7v  Zener Diodes – Bargain Pack of 100pcs :

Zener diodes can be connected in series to create a higher denomination composite Zener :
for example two 4.7v Zeners connected in series will have the total of 9.4v voltage limiting function.

Also they can be stacked in parallel to increase their maximum Current capability and Wattage :
eg: 10pcs of the 4.7v 0.5Watt Zeners connected in parallel will make a 4.7v composite zener capable of handling up to 5 Watt in total.

Also please check our full range of Zener diodes and our Adjustable Zener 3-pin device TL431A. This can be used like a Zener diode with adjustable voltage limiting from 2.5v to 36v

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 6 x 2 x 1 cm