12kv High-Voltage DC Converter PCB (Flyback)

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Flyback-Transformer High-Voltage-DC Generator PCB Modules

These Flyback transformer based High-Voltage modules can generate a Positive, High-potential from as little as 1v to 12v DC.
Yes these circuits start oscillating from 1v or even less.

These modules can continuously produce a DC High-Voltage Arc up to 10mm -12mm across.
These can be an enormous fun to experiment with – BUT BE WARNED ! High voltages can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Extreme caution must be exercised when working with high voltages.

We stock a variety of these units eg: 12kv   and  25kv

These modules can be used for:  Ozone-Generators, Negative-Ion Generators, Electrostatic Air Filters, Electrostatic powder-coating or similar.. , Producing the Electrically-Polarized Electrets , and more…

Also many fascinating fringe-science, avant-garde and free-energy projects utilize high voltage sources.

Eg: Ion Wind Lifters (flying platforms);

Kirlian Photography (Bio-Field photography research);

Gravity-Flux-Capacitor (Townsend-Brown’s Electro-Gravity research)

Making the Electrets (Self-Recharging Capacitors) ;

Electrostatic Motors (eg: built from plastic bottles) …

and much more…

These units produce High Voltage DC (Direct Current) and are ideal for electro-static experiments.
12kv model :  It runs from about 1 to 12 v DC input and produces about 1 to 15 KiloVolt DC output directly from the coil. (rectified with a built-in Hi-V Diode.)
PCB dimensions : 39mm tall. and 130x60mm-older Stock; 142x35mm new stock .   Weight: 120g
PCB can be made smaller as the 40mm off the end board can be truncated…

High voltages are rather tricky to measure precisely as a specialized, rare equipment is required for this.

nevertheless here are some V-A Parameters taken of such a unit using a fairly sensitive KiloVoltMeter.
note: this was measured under load of >15 microAmpere or less..
Actual voltages in an open circuit without load will be significantly higher.

DC-input  | Current Drawn  |  HV-DC-Output
1v             115mA                900v
1.5v           180mA                1.4kv
3v             420mA                3.9kv
3.6v           480mA                5kv
4.5v           550mA                6kv
6v             660mA                8kv
7.4v           750mA                10kv
9v             840mA                11kv
10.5v         900mA                12kv
12v            970mA                13.8kv      ( @14uA )
14v            1.05A                  15kv        ( @15uA )

Running the converter at above 9v DC for long periods- will get the unit quite warm to hot.
Extra cooling measures may be necessary when operating the circuit at above 10v DC Input at prolonged periods of time.

Bias Resistor : the output voltage of the coil can be modified somewhat by changing the value of the 2-Watt onboard 1kOhm resistor.  Reducing the resistor value will increase output voltage, and increasing the resistance will reduce the output voltage.
Eg: at  330 ohm the circuit powered from 3.6v will consume 970mA and will produce 8.8kv Output (as opposed to 5kv with 1kOhm resistor). Same setup at 5vDC @1.2A will produce 11kv Out. | and at 6vDC@1.32A  =12.3kv Out. |  and at 7.4v@1.48A =14.7kv Out.  In any case, energizing the coil in excess of 20kv may reduce it’s life span.  and anything over 30kv will be likely to damage the coil’s internal insulation.

Please note:  We test-run many of our products before shipment (in particular these modules) to insure a hassle-free transaction and customer satisfaction.

If producing and Arc discharge with these units – Please arc it from High-Voltage wire to GROUND TERMINAL ONLY !
Arching the high voltage to the heat-sink of a transistor or any other parts should be avoided as it will damage the transistor.
The transistor can be replaced. we also sell the spare transistors -please check our Semiconductors section.
The 12kv models use the 2N3055 Power Transistors (in TO-3 case)
and the 25kv Unit uses IRF540 MOSFET Power Transistor (in TO-220 case)

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12 x 15 x 6 cm
Module Type/ KV-Output

12kv, 25kv


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