10w composite LEDs 20x20mm

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10Watt Composite LED on Standard 20x20mm Aluminium Substrate

These are available in 3 color options :  Cold-White,  Warm-White  and Yellow
These LED devices are meant to be mounted on a heat-sink in order to operate at their full power capacity.
However they are also usable at power levels below 1 or 1.5 watt without a heat sink.

V-A Characteristics:
Cold-White LED:     12v-@-0.9A=10.8W
11.7v-@-0.79A=9.2W    11.1v-@-0.6A=6.7W
10.5v-@-0.42A=4.4W     9.6v-@-0.23A=2.2W
8.7v-@-0.09A=0.78W     8.1v-@-0.05A=0.4W

Warm-White LED:     12v-@-0.84A=10W
11.7v-@-0.8A=9.4W       11.1v-@-0.63A=7W
10.5v-@-0.5A=5.2W       9.6v-@-0.25A=2.4W
8.7v-@-0.09A=0.78W     8.1v-@-0.04A=0.32W

Yellow LED:           12v-@-0.84A=10W
11.7v-@-0.75A=8.8W     11.1v-@-0.6A=6.7W
10.5v-@-0.42A=4.4W     9.6v-@-0.2A=1.9W
8.7v-@-0.07A=0.6W       8.1v-@-0.02A=0.16W

Dimensions: 20x20mm +6mm Terminals  ;  4mm High
Weight :   2.3g

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 cm

Cold-White, Warm-White, Yellow