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This is a Red Laser Replacement Module for various laser effect units.
and can be used in various other applications and experiments.

Very bright !   100mw light output ( =0.1watt)

Operating parameters : 240mA @ 3v

Power consumption     : 720mW

it can easily burn holes in black plastic film…

Comes in an aluminum heat-sink assembly with adjustable (focus-able) lens.
New modules come fully adjusted and focused.

2-pin Connecting socket on the end of a 110mm long lead.

Dimensions :

Module body: 18mm long

Heat-sink : 17.8mm Diameter

Front fitting part : 13mm Diameter.

Driver :   a Constant-Current Driver Module can be used with this Laser Diode Which will allow to run this laser from any voltage from 5v to 30v.
We recommend using our 230mA Switch-mode Current Limiter with these Laser modules.

Continuous Conductivity current limiter module
Continuous Conductivity current limiter module

More details about these current limiting modules can be found at

Please note: All Laser Diodes are very sensitive devices.  Exceeding the recommended driving current by as little as 15%  can easily damage the device.
That’s why some form of current control is essential for Laser Diodes.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 2 x 1.9 x 1.8 cm