Tilt Switch -Sensor
Tilt-Switch /Sensor (non-Mercury)
Non-Mercury Tilt-Switch 100v 300mA This Tilt Switch does not contain any Mercury and is safe to use in toys, consumer electronics and home appliances. It’s made of stainless steel body and 2 gold-plated balls inside… Dimensions : 5.2 mm Diam. x 14.2 mm long. Leads: 16mm +…
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PIR Motion sensor /detector module
PIR Motion Sensor Module
HC-SR501 (DSN-FIR800)  Human presence sensor detects the presence of a moving human (& large animal) bodies in a wide field of viewing angle. PIR Detectors are commonly used in Security systems and Automation. This module comes with 2 onboard trimpots for adjusting both -  the sensitivity and the dwell time- or the amount of time the output stays active since the detection was triggered.. Importantly - this sensor can stay ON while the motion is detected and will not switch itself off at every interval. The module has 3.3v Logic level output and can be used directly with Arduino and similar various MCU development boards and robotics projects.
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IR-Optical Proximity Detector 50NK
IR-Beam Optical Proximity Sensor 50NK

5V , 2-to-50cm* adjustable infrared proximity sensor, C38-D50NK

This compact sensor module can detect objects in the reflection path of it's Infra-Red beam - within about 2 to 50cm or more if reflective surface is used such as bicycle visibility reflector for example. The beam is modulated with the module's native code to ensure that other light sources don't interfere with accurate beam detection. The sensitivity and detecting distance can be adjusted via the on-board poetentiometer. There is also an onboard LED indicator to provide a visual clue of sensor's triggering. These modules are very useful in various Robotics / Automation and Security systems applications. DC supply : 4.5-5v Operating Current: 10mA Output Signal: TTL-Logic Level (~4.5v) Output Current:  100mA (max.) dimensions:  31 x 25 x 13 mm
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