Solder-BreadBoard 7x9cm FiberGlass PCB
7x9cm Solder BreadBoard 25×30-Holes
Fibreglass Solder-BreadBoard 7x9cm.  1.2mm Thickness 25 Rows  of  30 Holes Each  -a total of 750-points. 2.5mm pitch. weight: 13g
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Mini Solderless BreadBoard 170p
Solderless BreadBoard 170-point
Solderless Mini BreadBoard for Circuit Development /Experimentation. 170-point  
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400p Solderless BreadBoard
Solderless BreadBoard 400-point
Solderless BreadBoard for Circuit Development /Experimentation. 400-point
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BreadBoard Jumper Wires
BreadBoard Jumper Wires x40
BreadBoard Jumper Wires for quick and easy interconnections.  20cm. 40pcs per bundle
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