Fluorescent Tube Fixtures Instant-Start

Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Light Fixtures (Instant Start) Suitable for use with our UV Tubes as well as other common fluorescent tubes… These electronically controlled fittings offer a further 7-10 % energy saving as compared with the old type “coil and … Continued

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UV Lamps Black-Light
UV BLACKLIGHT Fluorescent Tubes UltraViolet

These are the near-Ultra-Violet Fluorescent Lamps, which create a kind of a special surreal ambience and make many objects glow with bright fluorescent colors… These are commonly used in the clubs, galleries, shopping malls, parties and festivals etc… These lamps … Continued

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Lithium-Polymer 3.7v Battery Cells Range

High Capacity, Light-weight and compact 3.7-Volt  Lithium-Polymer Cells -With built in protection circuit which protects the battery from : Overcharging , Short Circuit , OverDischarging, Wrong Polarity… Available sizes, currently in stock : Size,  mm Capacity Weight   price   … Continued

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240v LED Strip 60cm Fixture

New Technology Now Available due to development of the High-Voltage IC LED-Driver Chip ! Mains-Powered, Direct 220v-240v AC Dimmable, Super-Bright LED Strip! 60cm (2 ft) Complete Fixture, Ready to install No Power Supply required to run these lights – Direct … Continued

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240v AC LED panels
240v Mains-Powered LED Panels

New Technology Now Available due to development of the High-Voltage IC LED-Driver Chip ! Mains-Powered, Direct 220v-240v AC Dimmable, Super-Bright LED Panels! No Power Supply required to run these lights – Direct 240v AC connection for easy and simple installation … Continued

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10mm Mini Camera CCTV

Miniature CCTV Color Video Camera 10x10mm size High-Resolution: 600 TVLines,  CMOS Good Low-Light Sensitivity : 2 Lux Standard Viewing Angle: 70 deg. Focusable Lens. Standard Composite Video + Audio Output. 5v Supply voltage for the actual camera module. 9-12-15-18v Supply Voltage … Continued

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10A Varible Power /Speed Controller
PWM DC-Power/Speed Controller 10A 12-40v

This DC Power Controller can be used as an efficient DC Regulator with a Variable Power Output. controlled by a potentiometer knob from 0%-to-100% Power Output. 10A Maximum Current Output 12v to 40v Maximum Input Voltage 400W Maximum Power 20mA … Continued

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2-Set Car Speakers High-Performance
2-set CAR SPEAKERS 150w 6″

2-set CAR SPEAKERS 150w 6″ OR 6.5 INCH 2-WAY SPEAKERS RIESEN Ultra-PerformanceAU 6″ 2-Way Car Audio Ultra-Performance Speakers Set of Two.   Riesen RockDesign 166mm 2-Way Coaxial Driver Hot Press PP Cone Urethane Surround High Power Polyimide Dome Heat Resistant Voice … Continued

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PPTC PolySwitch Self-Resetting Fuses
Self-Resetting Fuses PPTC PolySwitch

PolySwitch PPTC Resettable Fuses  (Over-Load Protection) Possibly the Simplest and Easiest way to protect your circuits from current over-load and short-circuit occurrences. Whether it’s a new device you are building or simply wish to add extra protection to your household … Continued

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15A Variable Power Supply 0-15v with Constant-Current
0-to-15v 15A Adjustable Power Supply With Constant-Current-Mode

15A ADJUSTABLE Power Supply 0-15v Precision Regulated Variable Out 5v6v9v12v13.8v15v This is a powerful 15 A  – Regulated Power Supply Module with 0-to-15volt Variable Adjustable Output It can be precisely set to produce any Voltage between Zero and 15v DC. … Continued

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1A / 2A Analog Laboratory Power supply 0-15v
1A & 2A Analogue Variable Lab Power Supplies 0-15v

Analogue Regulated Lab Power Supplies with Preset Over-Current Protection, 0-15v We have two versions of this PSU:   1A (1501a)   and    2A unit(1502a) A Lab Power Supply is one of the first tools in any electronics design / … Continued

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1502 Laboratory Power Supply
Variable V+A Laboratory Power Supply 1502

Regulated Laboratory Power Supply with over-Current Protection, 0-15.7V 0-2A This Lab Power Supply is one of the first tools in any electronics design / repair workshop. Precisely regulated it can be set to any voltage between 0 and 15.7Volt with … Continued

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Dual Voltage 50W Variable Power Supply, eg: 5v+12v
Dual-Voltage Variable 50W Power Supply

DUAL OUTPUT, VARIABLE ADJUSTABLE SwitchMode POWER SUPPLY 2xOut PSU 50w Total AU These Switch-Mode Power Supply Modules are a modified custom model that is made exclusively for us. They offer wide range of Output Voltages from 4.2v to 20v that … Continued

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12 inch woofer driver / Subwoofer Speaker
10″ & 12″ Woofer Driver Speakers

12” 520W Speaker Riesen High-Performance WOOFER Driver RIESEN German Design 12” (300mm) High Performance Woofer  RCS300.   the QUAKE ACTIVATOR series Super Rigid, Metal Coated, Weather-proof IMPP Cone Butyl Rubber Surround – for better linearity and long life Kapton Voice Coil … Continued

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Simple Long-Delay Timer Module
Long-Delay MosFET mini TIMER SWITCH

Versatile TIMER SWITCH PCB – 2A , 20v Mosfet, Long Delay ON-Timer Circuit Delay time preset-able from several minutes (seconds) to several hours… Push the button and it will stay ON for a preset amount of time, then will turn-OFF … Continued

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Polyester Capacitors-MainsV
Polyester Capacitors -mains voltage

fig#   Markings       Value           Tolerance    Weight     Size(without leads) A         105J         1mF  400v          5%         … Continued

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3D Printing Filament
3D-Printing Filaments ABS & PLA 1.75mm

High Quality 3D-Printing Filament 1.75mm ,   1kg Spool   Material:  ABS.   Color selection : Dark-Blue     Black     White     Yellow     Purple     Green     Orange     Red     Grey    Gold   Material:  PLA.   Color selection … Continued

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3-in-1 DC Power Converter for Universal DC Power Bank
3-in-1 Universal DC Power Converter PCB
This Very Handy 3-in-1 Power Converter includes : 100w Step-Up(Boost) Converter for 19v Laptops (adjustable from 12 to 36v) 30w Step-Down(Buck) Converter, set to 9v but can be adjusted down to 1v 15w Buck Converter for 5v USB port capable of supplying up to 3 Amperes Also a direct output from the 12v battery which doubles as a charging input
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1/2W Zener Diodes 4.7v 100pk
0.5 Watt  4.7v  Zener Diodes - Bargain Pack of 100pcs : ZENER DIODES PRIMER - How to use Zeners
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30xLED 12v 12w rectangular Panel
30xLed 69x54mm Panel 12v, 12Watt
Very Powerful /bright 30 x 5050-LEDs Rectangular Panel 10-15Watt We make these LED panels available at an amazingly cheap price ! Excellent value for money ! buy more to get an even cheaper price...
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LED-20x50 Panel+Adaptors
LED 20x50mm Composite Panel 3.2w 12v

20×50-Composite LED Panel: This is a very bright, yet small LED Panel on a 1.1mm Aluminium base plate 20x50mm 36 LED chips are embedded inside a layer of water-proof optical compound. This LED Panel is mostly water-proof (with the exception … Continued

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T-10 3xLED bulb 12v
T-10 Wedge-style 12v White Lamps (LED Bulbs)

Our LED Design criteria gives more importance to Product Longevity versus it’s apparent Brightness, even if that means that the LEDs have to run at a more conservative current to prevent from possible over-heating. Over-heating greatly reduces the life span of … Continued

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Tilt Switch -Sensor
Tilt-Switch /Sensor (non-Mercury)
Non-Mercury Tilt-Switch 100v 300mA This Tilt Switch does not contain any Mercury and is safe to use in toys, consumer electronics and home appliances. It’s made of stainless steel body and 2 gold-plated balls inside… Dimensions : 5.2 mm Diam. x 14.2 mm long. Leads: 16mm +…
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6xLEDs 3v Small Ring panlel
LEDx6 Small Ring Panels 3v 5pk
Small 3v 6xLed Ring Panels -sold in packs of 5pcs=$1 (20c ea or less)
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Extended Capacity Battery+Case Kits for Samsung Smartphones

I have been a long time fan of Samsung SmartPhones upgraded with a High-Capacity Battery. This little Upgrade is by far the most useful improvement any serious user can get for their Samsung Phone. 1. High-Capacity Battery will allow your phone to … Continued

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Magnetic Contact Terminals

Magnetic Contact Terminals are very convenient new way for hooking up wires to batteries or any other magnetic surfaces our Magnetic Terminals have a narrow hole for feeding the bare stripped end of wire and wrapping it around in a loop … Continued

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Special Shape Magnets
Neodymium Magnets (Rare-Earth): Special Shapes
all our magnets are N35 Neodimium Alloy unless mentioned otherwise.
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3-Position Latching Push Switch
Low-Profile 3-Position Latching Push Switch
Low-Profile 3-Position Push-ON1-ON2-Off Switch (Latching) Rated 1A ,  250vAC or 30vDC .  Similar to our simple 2-terminal switch. But this one has 3 positions: Push.ON1 - Push.ON2 - Push.OFF  - action which is great for switching 2 circuits sequentially or creating two modes or lamp brightness levels as an example... dimensions: Body-12 x 12 x 6.5mm/ 0.47" x 0.47" x 0.25" (L*W*H) ;  Button- Diameter: 5mm /0.2"  2.5mm High /0.1"  ;  Terminals pitch -6.5mm Weight : 1.2g Contacts arrangement:  The middle terminal is a Common,  and Left and Right terminals are ON1 & ON2 Switching sequence:  from OFF state - Push=ON1-(common connects to Left terminal)  then: next Push=ON2-(common connects to Right terminal)  then next Push=OFF (common disconnected)
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PIR Motion sensor /detector module
PIR Motion Sensor Module
HC-SR501 (DSN-FIR800)  Human presence sensor detects the presence of a moving human (& large animal) bodies in a wide field of viewing angle. PIR Detectors are commonly used in Security systems and Automation. This module comes with 2 onboard trimpots for adjusting both -  the sensitivity and the dwell time- or the amount of time the output stays active since the detection was triggered.. Importantly - this sensor can stay ON while the motion is detected and will not switch itself off at every interval. The module has 3.3v Logic level output and can be used directly with Arduino and similar various MCU development boards and robotics projects.
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HeatSink 40x65 for TO-3 Power Transistors
Aluminium Heat-Sinks
40x65mm HeatSink for a common TO-3 Power Transistor. 20mm Deep.  Main plate -3mm Thick Weight: 39g          $3 or less 29x50mm HeatSink for a common TO-220 Power semiconductor devices 16mm Deep +7mm Front Ribs.  Main plate -1.8mm Thick Weight: 25g          $1.8 or less Small 22x7.9mm HeatSink that can be used for variety of power-chips, LEDs or other small devices. 10mm Deep.  Main plate -2mm+ Thick Weight: 2.2g         $0.30 or less
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TerminalStrips x12-Joiners
12x Screw-Terminal Joiner strips
small :  3mmDiam. Joiners          $2 or less dimensions incl. the plastic insulator body : 14mm.Wide  x 11mm.High the strip of 12 is 102mm.  Distance between joiners- (pitch) approx. 8.8mm Internal opening diameter -3mm weight: 13g medium :  4mmDiam. Joiners          $3 or less dimensions incl. the plastic insulator body : 19.7mm.Wide  x 14.8mm.High the strip of 12 is 123mm.  Distance between joiners- (pitch) approx. 10.5mm Internal opening diameter -4mm weight: 29g
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IR-Optical Proximity Detector 50NK
IR-Beam Optical Proximity Sensor 50NK

5V , 2-to-50cm* adjustable infrared proximity sensor, C38-D50NK

This compact sensor module can detect objects in the reflection path of it's Infra-Red beam - within about 2 to 50cm or more if reflective surface is used such as bicycle visibility reflector for example. The beam is modulated with the module's native code to ensure that other light sources don't interfere with accurate beam detection. The sensitivity and detecting distance can be adjusted via the on-board poetentiometer. There is also an onboard LED indicator to provide a visual clue of sensor's triggering. These modules are very useful in various Robotics / Automation and Security systems applications. DC supply : 4.5-5v Operating Current: 10mA Output Signal: TTL-Logic Level (~4.5v) Output Current:  100mA (max.) dimensions:  31 x 25 x 13 mm
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TorchSwitch-PushON-PushOFF 30vDC 1A
Low-Profile (torch) Push-On-Push-Off Switch
Low-Profile (torch) Push-On-Push-Off Switch (Latching) Rated 1A ,  250vAC or 30vDC .   simple 2-terminal switch. dimensions:  switch body 14mm.L x 12mm.W x 7mm.High +2.2mm-pushButton.  , Terminal leads 6mm + 15mm long. Weight : 1.2g
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Pull-Chain Switch 3A 250vAC
Ceiling-Mount Chain-Pull Switch Pull.ON / Pull.OFF
Ceiling-Mount Chain Pull-ON-Pull-OFF Switch 3A @ 250v ;  6A @ 125v.  Easy Mounting 10mm Hole 22x30x16mm    50mm Ball-Chain      90mm Connecting Wires. These Switches are the Easy solution to those many awkward wiring problems we often encounter. They make it un-necessary to run the switching wires through the walls and or door posts etc... Just mount the switch at the ceiling and operate it by pulling the chain.. Great for Automotive applications, Motor-Homes etc…
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Rectangular 15mm Rocker Switch 250v AC 3A
Rectangular 15mm Rocker Switch 250v AC 3A
Size: 15.5mmL x 10.6mmW x 10.8mmH,  Rocker-3.2mmH Terminals – 4.5mm long,  4.5mm pitch. Mounting hole – 9.3x13mm (rectangular) $0.57
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Mini 6x6 Push-On-Push-Off Switch DPDT
Mini 6×6 PushON-PushOFF Switch DPDT
Contacts: 50v  100mA ,  The typical 6-pin DPDT configuration. Size: 6mmL x 6mmW x 5.2mmH, Rocker-4.5mm Out / 3.4mm In. Pins – 3.5mm long,  2mm pitch  
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10mm Potentiometer with 18mm Wheel 100k
Potentiometer 10mm PCB Mini Wheel B-100k

10mm Mini  Potentiometer with 18mm Wheel. 100k ,  PCB-Mount Linear Characteristic – type B Low profile: 4mm high. Wheel thickness: 2mm  

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13mm PCB-Mount Potentiometer 50k
Potentiometer 13mm-PCB Mini 50k

These are neat little potentiometers : PCB-Mount,  50k Linear Characteristic – type B Dimensions: Body: 13mm W  x  16mm L  x  19mm H + rotor knob: 11mm High, x  6.5mm Diam

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DC 4-Way Spliter Cable
DC 4-Way Splitter Cable
4-Way DC Splitter cable
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BNC-style Screw-Terminated Plugs & Sockets
BNC Terminated Plugs-&-Sockets
Common BNC-Style (AV & RF) , Screw-terminated Plugs & Sockets
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