My Lesson: WordPress + Woocommerce = Bad Choice for a complex webstore..

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to all those wondering “What’s going on with this site?” Here is my experience with this WordPress / Woocommerce powered site.

Back in 2014 i have dedicated about 3 months of my life learning WordPress and building this webstore. I got everything just the way i wanted and it looked and worked pretty well and i was happy with it.

but unfortunately this was not to last.  a few months later came software updates then more updates and more…
With one such routine automatic updates – started the problems .. and the site has become more and more disfunctional as time progressed.  Some issues i was able to fix while others i could not . and the level of help from the Woocommerce community was pretty much non-existent.

Basically the way it stands now – i have to re-build the store from scratch to make it work properly again.

I have no time to spend on such undertaking at the moment as i am busy with number of other projects.

I am now looking for other alternatives for online store creation.

in my opinion WordPress/Woocommerce is not suitable for any complex webstores with many varied products because they change software and then you are stuck with a non-working website way too often.. this really sucks !  but lesson learned for sure!